Frequently Asked Questions

Is your insurance available to people over the age of 75 years?

Yes. Our Travel Insurance covers a policy holder who aged from 6 months up to 80 years. Please note however, that in the event of death or permanent disability, policyholders aged over 75 years, or under 16 years are only eligible to receive 50% of the usual benefit for all types of the policies.

What happens after I fill out the online application and give you my payment details?

If you pay online by credit card, the coverage will start immediately after payment confirmation has been received by the Company and the Company will send to you via email insurance confirmation attached along with the Travel Insurance policy and Coverage Summary.

Am I covered if I work overseas?

Yes. Our travel insurance is designed for the leisure or business traveler alike. All policyholders should be aware that the length of coverage is determined by which the product that you select.

If I return home earlier than planned, can I get a partial refund on my insurance?

Sorry but no. We won't refund any part of your premium if you cancel your cover after any part of your policy has begun.

I am currently overseas and have no insurance - can I still take out your policy?

No. Our policies are all designed to be taken out 'pre-travel' and cover you from when you leave your home until you get back to Thailand.

After a trip getting start, can I buy your Travel Insurance ?

No. Our Travel Insurance is designed to be bought before travelling and coverage will start and end following the definition of ‘Trip Duration’ specified in the policy.

What happens if I get sick whilst overseas?

Our policies entitle you to medical assistance and cover for the costs of treatment. You are free to choose your own medical advisor or we can appoint an approved medical advisor to see you. When you buy a policy, you're provided with a policy number and an assistance number that you can phone free of charge from anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please call us immediately if you have a medical problem whilst overseas.

Do you cover my luggage?

We cover your luggage and personal effects under the plan. (Note you are required to take all reasonable precautions to protect your property, which means taking all necessary steps to avoid any loss or damage and not leaving it unsupervised.)

How do I know if I have pre-existing condition or not ?

You will find a full definition in the Policy Wording. A pre-existing medical condition is basically any disease, symptoms or disorders occurred within 24 months before the coverage for which you are taking ongoing treatment, medication or precautionary advice.

Can my 'pre-existing medical condition' be covered?

Pre-existing medical conditions are NOT covered under the travel Insurance.

Who can buy travel insurance?

Thai nationals resident in Thailand and ex-patriates of Thailand provide you hold one of the following:-

  • Current and valid work permit
  • Retirement Visa
  • Annual multiple entry Visa

Can I buy more than one policy for the same trip?

No, you can only be covered by ONE policy for the same trip.

How many persons are covered under the "Family Plan"?

A Family plan covers for up to 4 people at least one of which must be an adult. This includes the insured person, his or her spouse and their dependent children up to the age of 21.

If my trip has been postponed, how will I postpone my insurance coverage?

You are requested to send to us the notice by email to before your originally planned departure date and provided no claim has been submitted, we will e-mail to you a revised itinerary based on your revised travel details.

If I can't make the trip, can I cancel my travel insurance?

You are requested to provide us the notice of cancellation, together with the reason and evidence of cancelling your travel. Please email this to ensuring that this will reach us and be acknowledged by us before your original planned departure date. If satisfactory evidence is received before the original planned departure date, we will provide a premium refund.

How do I make a travel insurance claim?

You can contact us for notice by email to or call +66(0) 2 305 8533. We will send you a claim form and advise you of any document required to action your claim and submit it accordingly together with all documents to us for the process.

What if it's an emergency?

Contact Allianz Travel and our team will be able to help you with your emergency. These numbers appear on your Certificate of Insurance and also on our Contact Us page.

How do I do if I’m injured overseas and need to evacuate ?

You have to notify directly to Allianz Travel, emergency medical assistance service provider, our staff shall arrange for emergency medical evacuation or repatriation to your home country utilizing the means best suited to do so, based on the medical on he medical severity of your condition.

What kind of documentation is required to process my claim?

You have to notify and send us the original documents such as medical receipts, receipts, medical certificate and police’s report. You can find full details in insurance policy.

How to complain if compensation is not fair ?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your claim, you may request that the Company reviews your claim by writing to us explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction. You will receive a response from the Company within 15 business days of your request being received. If this does not resolve the matter, the Company agrees to conform and allow the case to be judged by arbitration.

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